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TheNinja-RPG Edit

The Ninja rpg, is a text based online role play game, in the world of the ninjas, based on anime series Naruto! In the game, you are able to live your own life as a shinobi. You can train as hard as you can, learn new jutsus, chat with real people from all around the world, learn how to fight and win, feel the pain when loosing a fight, and beg for help when you struggle..

Ninja Ranks Edit

  • Academy Student
  • Genin
  • Chunnin ( Lower Outlaw )
  • Jounin ( Higher Outlaw )
  • Special Jounin ( Special Outlaw )
  • Kage / King of Outlaws

Core 3 - TheNinja-RPG - Released on 07/27/2014

Level up requirments! Edit

Academy Student - 69.000 EXP, Level 5 each academy jutstu (Clone Technique, Replacement Technique, Transform Technique), 6 Points INT.
Genin - You must have at least 1 OFF, 7.000 points, Total of your DEF must be at 28.000 points, and your each GEN must be 250 point.
Chunnin - Your must have at least 1 OFF, 170.000 points, Total your DEF must be at 675.000 Points, and each of your GEN must be 3.000 points.
Jounin - At least one of your OFF must be at 440.000 points, Total of your DEF must be at 1.750.000 points, and each of your gens must be 7300 points.

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