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Jounin Clothes

Jounin is the rank which turns you into a real ninja. it comes after Chuunin. You become able to do B-rank missions and the Sensei occupation becomes unlocked. It is met by Higher Outlaw in the Criminal Branch.


  • 240,000 Total Defense
  • One Offense Over 240,000
  • Each General Over 6500

Features UnlockedEdit

  • Can now be attacked by Chuunin, Jounin, and Elite Jounin
  • Can now challenge the Kage for their position.
  • Can train Jounin level jutsu.
  • B-rank missions/crimes: you can now do B-rank missions/crimes.
  • More jutsu options.
  • Can be a sensei for up to 3 Genin.

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