Chuunin is the rank that comes after Genin. It's when the player becomes trained enough to take on real missions and join ANBU squads. this level is met by Lower Outlaw, in the criminal branch.


  • 15,000 Total Defense
  • All General Stats Over 630
  • One Offense Over 15,000

Features Unlocked Edit

  • Can attack other Chuunin and Jounin.
  • Can now leave village and join another.
  • Ability to join and lead ANBU squads.
  • C-rank missions/crimes: you can now do C-rank missions/crimes.
  • More trainable jutsu.
  • Marry any other ninja who is also at least Chuunin rank.
  • Medical Ninja and Bounty Hunter occupations.
  • Can commit serious crimes(equivalent to C-rank missions).

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